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Brake Drum

Brake Drum is a cylindrical component that stops a vehicle when the brake shoes create friction against the drum's inner surface. When the brake is depressed, the brake fluid is forced through under pressure coming from the master cylinder. This goes onto the wheel cylinder, which in turn pushes the brake shoe inside the brake drum; In this condition, the speed movement of the vehicle is reduced.

Backing Plate

  • The Backing Plate provides a base for the other components, The backplate increases the rigidity of the brake drum assembly, protects the housing and from foreign objects such as road debris. Its purpose is to absorb torque from the operation exerted by the braking operation system

Brake Drum 

  • The Brake Drum is composed of cast iron which makes it conducive to heat and wear-resistant. Its purpose is to rotate the axle and wheel wherein when the brake pedal is depressed, the brake lining is pushed against the inner surface of the drum. This produces friction produces substantial heat causing to stop the vehicle from moving

Wheel Cylinder 

  • The wheel cylinder is mounted on each wheel  wherein its role is to exert force onto the brake shoe to bring them in contact with the brake drum, which produces frictional force causing the vehicle to stop moving

Brake Shoe

  • The Brake Shoe consist of steel welded together in which is resistant to heat and wear, unaffected by humidity and temperature fluctuations.