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Brake Fluid Reservoir is connected to the master cylinder. Its function is to serve as a canister or container for the brake fluid being used for brake application which helps protect it from the entry of foreign objects, dirt, and contamination in order to have optimum braking performance for your vehicle.

  • The container is commonly made up of polymer plastic while the reservoir tank cap is vented and has a diaphragm.
  • The brake fluid level sensor is attached to the reservoir which sends off a signal to the vehicle to alert the driver when the brake fluid reaches its low level. The brake master cylinder shouldn't have to be topped off unless there is a leak in the system or the brake was bled.

Brake Fluid Sensor

 The brake fluid pressure sensor is a type of pressure switch which senses the hydraulic brake fluid in a brake system. It comprises of an input port that will enable it to measure hydraulic braking pressure and an electrical wiring output connector for sending off signal to serve as the warning light that illuminates onto the driver's odometer cluster. It also functions as a component in the anti-lock braking system ( ABS) ABS fault lights come on with an unexpected wheel lock from the ABS system but it could indicate low fluid level from the brake fluid reservoir,