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Brake Shoes are usually crescent-shaped components installed with the drum brake as a part of their mechanism. It contains a rough friction substance attached to one side and secured to the backing plate with hold-down hardware.

  • Each drum brake system consists of a leading and trailing brake shoe which is activated by the wheel cylinder's hydraulic pressure.
  • The brake shoes are pulled outward when the brake pedal is pressed, pushing against the  inner side of the brake drum is helping to decelerate the vehicle safely
  • The ability of the brake shoes to slow the car may be impaired if they get too worn out or overheated which in turn reduces responsiveness when applying the brakes.
  • As a result, the vehicle takes longer to halt when the brakes are used. particularly in high speed or heavy braking circumstances,
  • Increased wear on a set of brake shoes can be caused by several factors, which include faulty hardware or warped brake drums.