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A Brake light or a flashing red light on the dashboard instrument panel could indicate a potential issue with the brake system. It could indicate a low or nearly empty brake fluid in your brake fluid reservoir. It could also indicate an error with the brake's hydraulic system of your vehicle. When your brake light comes on, it also tells you that the emergency brake or parking brake has engaged since most cars have a sensor that detects whether or not the parking brake is applied. The fluid level will drop if there is a leak in the brake system, causing your brakes to fail and triggering the brake light to illuminate.

A Brake warning light that illuminates onto the cluster display indicates that your vehicle requires brake system service as soon as possible. The following are the  other possible brake conditions and warning issues

  • Brake fluid level is low
  • ABS warning light indicates there is a potential issue with the anti-lock braking system 
  • Brake pads are already worn down
  • The Parking brake lever is engaged, a brake warning indicator alerts the driver to disengage before driving