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Carbon Monoxide  (CO) is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, poisonous gas that results from incomplete combustion. A pollutant is contained and released in the exhaust gas when the fuel burns. Carbon monoxide results from incomplete combustion. It forms when one atom of carbon combines with one atom of oxygen instead of two as in complete combustion. This lack of oxygen prevents the formation of carbon dioxide.

  • It is formed by the incomplete burning of hydrocarbon-based fuels which  consists of one atom of carbon and oxygen during the combustion process
  • This poisonous gas may endanger human health or pollute the environment if improperly handled.


  •  Combustion is the reaction of exothermic redox chemical process that occurs in between reductant and oxidant which produces gaseous products such as smoke

Combustion Engine

  • A Combustion Engine is a type of engine  that produces mechanical power through fuel combustion