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Clock Spring refers to a spiral wound-up electrical connector that enables the vehicle steering wheel to turn while there is a present electrical connection that occurs in between the steering wheel and airbag, and other running electrical systems from the vehicle.  These wires keep steering wheel buttons, airbags, and horns connected during steering wheel rotations. It is located in between the steering wheel and the steering column.

  • It is composed of a loaded spot around a cable that is made of conductive material protected by a casing. One side of the clockspring ribbon is linked to a socket that can be found inside a steering wheel; while the other areas are being connected to the wiring of all the electrical systems that are associated with the steering wheel.

Control System

A Control System in which one or more outputs are forced to change as time progresses. The basic control system is composed of Sensors (Inputs) that measure various conditions and send this information to the control unit, which functions as the system decision-maker, wherein it decides how much change  is needed; and then signals one or more actuators or outputs to take appropriate action