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Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake is a low restriction air filter that brings cooler air into the combustion chamber, providing more horsepower. It is a common aftermarket assembly of parts used to bring relatively cool air into a vehicle's air combustion engine. The CAI reworks parts of the intake that create turbulence to reduce air resistance. It also enables to provide a more direct route to the air intake, and it provides placing the intake duct to use the ram-air effect to give pressure at speed.

The output location of cold air intake input, obstruction by side and front parts of the vehicle, length, and the geometry of the intake air tube can make an effect on the cold air intake efficiency. The most basic cold air intake consists of a long metal or plastic tube leading to a conical air filter. Power may be lost at certain engine speeds and gained at others; due to the reduced covering, intake noise is usually increased.