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Distributor cap

Distributor Cab is over the distributor and its rotor. It has a connector for sparkplug wires. The rotor moves inside the cap and distributes voltage to each cylinder.

The Ignition Distributor has a set of contact points or breaker points. that works as a fast-acting switch. When the points close current will flow through the coil. When the points open, current flow stops and the coil produces a high voltage surge. A condenser connects across the points. It aids in the collapse of the magnetic field and helps reduce arcing that burns away the points. The distributor distributes the high voltage surge to the spark plugs in the correct firing order. A coil wire delivers the high voltage from the coil to the center terminal of the distributor cap.

When the rotor turns, the other end passes close to the outer terminals in the distributor cap. These are connected by spark plug wires to the spark plugs. The high voltage surge jumps the small gap from the rotor blade to the terminal. The spark plug wires carry the high voltage surge to the spark plug in the cylinder that is ready to fire.