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Driveline refers to the drivetrain minus the transmission, meaning it includes only the driveline components. A vehicle's driveline is the means by which power is transferred from the engine to the wheels. It is the axels, driveshaft, wheels, joints, and differentials.

  • An automotive driveline is the assembly of one or more driveshaft universal joints and slips joints It transmits torque through varying angles and distances from one shaft to another. Vehicles with a front engine and rear-wheel drive RWD have a long propeller shaft or drive shaft extending from the transmission to the rear axle. Front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles usually have the engine transaxle assembly mounted transversely. Short driveshaft or half shafts extend from the transaxle to the front wheels. Various types of driveshafts, universal joints, and slip joints are used to carry engine power from the transmission or transaxle to the wheels.