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Drivetrain refers to everything from engine output to the wheels meaning the following components: Clutch, gearbox or automatic transmission, universal driveshaft joints, differentials. All the components are creating or transferring torque to the wheels.

  • The role of the drivetrain is to couple the engine the generates the power to be delivered to the driving wheels through mechanical power to rotate the axle. This condition involves the physical combination of the components, which may be at the opposite ends of the vehicle and so require a long propeller shaft
  • The operating speed of the engine and wheels are different and must be matched by the correct gear ratio
  • As the speed of the vehicle change, the ideal engine speed must remain approximately constant for efficient operation and so this gear ratio must also be changed
  • For the manual transmission, the drivetrain consists of a clutch, drive line and drive axle with the final drive gearing and differential.