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E85 is the fuel mixture that contains 85% gasoline and 15% Ethanol. It specifies that the allowable ethanol content ranges from 51% up to 83% wherein it defines the lower heating value of ethanol making it difficult to crank engines in cold climates without preheating air intake faster cranking or mixing varying gasoline fractions due to climate. 

  • It is used engine modified to accept higher ethanol concentrations. Fuel injection control systems have a wide range of pulse width to inject up to  34% fuel.
  • For vehicles with in-tank-mounted fuel pumps, precautions to prevent arcing, as well as flame arrestors positioned in the tank's fill pipes are sometimes used.

Flexfuel vehicles have upgraded fuel systems and engine components which are designed for long usage life using E85  because the engine control unit (ECU) is capable of adaptation to any fuel blend between gasoline and E85. Typical upgrades consist of modification to fuel tanks, fuel tank electrical wiring, fuel pumps, fuel lines filler tubes, fuel level sensors, fuel injectors, seals, fuel rails, pressure regulators, valve seats, and inlet valves.