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ESP (Electronic Stability Program) refers to an electronic system designed to assist the driver in maintaining vehicle control during adverse conditions. The ESP automatically applies the brakes on individual wheels based on your steering and where the vehicle is going. If the ESP light stays on all the time, it means the system is disabled either because you pressed the ESP button or because there is a malfunction. When the light flashes, slow down when you are driving too fast.

  • ESC can intervene on any surface, from dry pavement to frozen lakes. It reacts to and corrects skidding much faster and more effectively than the typical human driver, often before any loss of control is detected. This technology typically alerts the driver so that it may let the driver be aware that the vehicle's handling limits have  been reached
  • Most dashboards are equipped with an indicator light or alert tone, and some will intentionally allow the vehicle's corrected course to deviate very slightly from the driver's commanded direction, even if it is possible to more precisely match it.