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Fault code

Fault Code or commonly known as Trouble Codes/Service Codes is data that gets stored in a control unit. that comes from any disturbance or abnormal condition that affects the operation of an engine, machine circuit, or system It aids the technician in troubleshooting a vehicle problem.

  • There are two ways to retrieve store codes which are found in most cars equipped with an onboard diagnostic system.
  • One way is by using the malfunction indicator light that can be found in the instrument panel.
  • The second method is through using a scanning tool or readout box. It connects to the diagnostic connector that can be read by the mechanic while performing roadtest or working in the engine car compartment
  • Some vehicles can display trouble codes and scan data on the vehicle instrument panel. A body control module( BCM) may control other electronic systems such as antilock braking (ABS) and air conditioning