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These usually include the most common: Engine oil, Transmission Oil, coolant, Brake fluid, and hydraulic oil for the power steering. Following the intervals of replacing those regularly will prevent from developing major vehicle problems.

  • The engine oil lubricates moving parts to reduce wear. Clearance between moving parts, for example, bearings and rotating shafts are filled with oil. The parts move on the layers of oil. This reduces power loss in the engine.
  • As the oil moves through the engine. the oil picks up heat. The hot oil drops back down into the cooler oil pan where the oil gives up heat. Therefore the oil serves as a cooling agent. Some engines have oil nozzles that spray oil into the underside of the pistons which removes some heat from the piston heads to the piston's run cooler.
  • Brake fluid is a chemically inert hydraulic fluid used to transmit force and motion;  It also lubricates the pistons find the master cylinder, wheel cylinder, and calipers.