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The frame is the structure that carries suspension, powertrain, and other components. There are several types of frames, one most common is the ladder frame in SUV's which had the cabin installed on it. The frame can separate the cabin.

  • The frame structure supports the vehicle's mechanical components and body. It deals with the static and dynamic vehicle loads, without undue deflection or distortion, such as the weight of the body, passengers, and cargo loads.
  • The most common material that is used to construct vehicle chassis is the carbon steel frame, which is composed of aluminum alloy to obtain a more lightweight construction. 
  • In cases of the frame that is composed of structural elements, these are made of steel channel sections from folding, rolling, or pressing the steel plate.
  • The C-channel is made by taking a flat piece of steel and rolling both sides to achieve a c shaped beam that runs with the length of the vehicle.
  • The hat frames resembles a 'U" and can be either right side up or inverted.