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Fuel Filters are filters installed in series with fuel systems that prevent small debris fragments from reaching injectors and combustion chambers. It prevents particulate matter and most contaminants in the fuel from reaching the engine.

  • Fuel systems use filters and screens to prevent dirt from entering the fuel line and fuel pump. Most fuel systems have at least two filters; A filter screen or strainer attaches to the pickup tube mounted in the bottom of the fuel tank. 
  • An in-line filter is located in between the fuel tank and the carburetor or fuel injectors. Some filters thread into a tapped hole in the carburetor. It may also include a magnet to catch metal particles in the fuel. This filter element is usually composed of ceramic or paper.

Fuel Lines

Fuel lines are referred to as the pipes or tubes through which the fuel flows from the fuel tanks to the carburetor or fuel injection system. 

Fuel Injection Systems

 The fuel-injection system supplies the engine with a combustible air fuel mixture, which  varies the richness of the mixture to suit different operating conditions. When a cold engine is started, the fuel system delivers a very rich mixture. This has a high proportion of fuel. After the engine warms up, the fuel system leans out the mixture. It them has a lower proportion of fuel. For acceleration and high speed, the mixture is again enriched.