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Fuel Line is the tube that allows fuel to travel from the fuel tank to the carburetor or injector. Fuel lines are also called hose, tune and pipe A hose is a flexible;le tube for carrying liquid or vapor. A  tube or tubing may be flexible or rigid. Pipe is usually rigid. Flexible hose or tubing is called flex hose or a flex line.

Long fuel lines are usually rigid and made of nylon and s teel. A damaged fuel line should be replaced. Quick connect couplings are used on nylon and some metal lines. The fuel lines must be well supported and must not  rub against sharp corners.  They should not be kinked or bent unnecesarily. Use a tube bender if needed to shape metal tube. Nylon fuel lines can be damaged by heat and high temperatures. Protect or remove nylon lines from thee vehicle  if grinding, heating or welding will be done nearby/