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Fuel Pump

A Fuel Pump can be a mechanical or electrical device component of the fuel system that forces fuel from the tank to the carburetor or fuel injection system.

  • Most of the carbureted fuel systems make use of a mechanical fuel pump which is usually located on the side of the engine cylinder block. An eccentric on the camshaft functions the pump. A rotating pushrod moves the rocker arm up and down which flexes a diaphragm to produce pumping action. 
  • Some types of overhead-camshaft engines have the mechanical fuel pump is located on the side of the cylinder head.
  • An eccentric on the overhead camshaft operates the fuel-pump rocker arm.
  • The electric fuel pump is composed of an electric motor solenoid to produce pumping action. The advantage of this type is that; fuel is delivered as soon as the ignition switch is turned, and it can always provide more fuel than the engine requires.
  • An impeller provides the pumping action for an electric fuel pump. The fuel is compressed from the pump to the engine which helps prevent vapor lock
  • A bad fuel pump can prevent the vehicle from starting.