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A Gauge found on the instrument cluster is a device used to display information such as fuel, speed, engine temperature, battery voltage, oil pressure, etc.

  • For the fuel gauge display of information, the sending unit of a vehicle usually uses a float to connect to a potentiometer. When the fuel tank runs outs, the float drops and slides a moving contact along with the resistor, increasing its resistance. When the resistance reaches a certain point it will also turn on a low fuel indicator on the cluster for some vehicles.
  • Some driver-operated controls mount on the instrument panel or above or below in a console. These include headlamp switches, heating, and air conditioning controls, and also the controls for the radio and tapes, or compact disc player.
  • Some vehicles contain a  hybrid instrument cluster, which is composed of both analog gauges and electronic displays, together with other indicating devices and warning lights that may illuminate a symbol or a message such as a door ajar or tail lamp out.