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Automotive head units, sometimes called infotainment systems, control various integrated information systems and entertainment functions via a unified hardware interface.

  • It is composed of screens, buttons, and systems controls, for several pieces of information and entertainment options for the vehicle.
  • It is mounted on the center of the dashboard and displays a user interface for the vehicle's information and multimedia components.
  • It also provides control of audio functions including volume, band, frequency, speaker balance, bass, treble and etc.

Some of the manufacturers have subcontractors for the head unit installed in the vehicles, which means, the warranty service center might be separated from the service dealership. You may check the inclusions of the warranty coverages and the warranty service manual for the head unit. 

  • Installation of aftermarket auxiliaries or for example display launcher may affect the warranty coverage of your head unit, you may also contact your service dealership for verification of modification for warranty claims.