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High Beam Indicator refers to a light on your car's dashboard that stays on when your headlights are on. In most cars, it will be blue light.

The driver selects the beam needed by operating the beam selector dimmer switch. It is either on the floor or on the steering column, Beam selection is made automatically by the automatic headlamp dimmer system

A defective dimmer switch, or a corroded or loose dimmer switch connection, affects both low beam and both high beam filaments, The low beams or the high beams may operate normally. However, the other set of filaments may be dim or fail to operate/

A vehicle with four headlamps has two type 1 and two type 2 headlamps. For low beam driving, one filament in each type 2 headlamp comes on. On high beam, the other filament in the type 2 headlamps comes on along with the single filament in the type 1 headlamps