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Jump Start

Jump Start is a way of starting the engine of the vehicle that is discharged and a charged battery or device gets connected to help start the vehicle by supplying the necessary amps.

  • The charged battery is called the booster battery. Jump starting is not recommended because it is dangerous when performed incorrectly. This can produce sparks and may cause a battery explosion. In addition, sparks and improper connections may damage electrical and electronic equipment on the vehicle.
  • The jump-starting procedures require a set of two jumper cables; these are lengths of heavy-gauge insulated cable with spring-loaded clamps on the ends; One end of the cable is black while the other end is color red. Adapters may be needed to attach the clamps to a side terminal battery.
  • Using a lead-acid battery may cause overcharging, produce flammable hydrogen gas inside the battery. A recommended procedure can be found in the vehicle's owner manual wherein a sequence of operations is intended to reduce the chance of shorting the good battery or igniting hydrogen gas.