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Lug Nut

Lug Nuts lock the wheels on the car. These nuts are locked inside the wheel hub. 

  • Wheels are usually attached to the brake drum or disc by three to five wheel nuts or lug nuts. The wheel end of the lug nuts normally has a tapered shape that attaches its seat to the wheel. The taper helps tighten the lug nuts to center the wheel
  • Hub caps or wheel covers fasten by clips to many pressed steel wheels. Wheel cover locks provide protection against theft.
  • Aluminum wheels have a locking lug nut on each wheel that acts as an antitheft device
  • A lug nut key is attached to the lug wrench and stowed with the spare tire. The key has a circular keyway that matches a slot in the lug nut. To remove or install the lugnut, place the key on the lug nut. Then turn the nut with the lug wrench. Do not turn the nut with an impact wrench