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Mount holds a power train or accessories to a vehicle's chassis or body. 

  • A defective engine or power train mount may cause a variety of clutch and transaxle troubles. If the mount breaks, the engine transaxle assembly may move too much. This can prevent clutch disengagement which can potentially lead to a gear clash when shifting. Excess movement can cause the transaxle to jump out of gear. 
  • A defective mount may also make noise and transmit engine vibration to the vehicle body.
  • To check the power train mounts, raise the engine slightly to remove weight from the mounts and place a slight tension on them. Watch the mounts while raising the engine. Replace a rubber mount if it has cracks in the rubber. rubber separation from a mount metal plate or a split through the center of the rubber. Replace a hydraulic mount if it is leaking fluid. Movement between a mount metal plate and its attaching point indicates loose fasteners. Tighten the nuts or screws tp the specified torque