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Muffler refers to the last part installed of the vehicle's exhaust system. It is a chambered muffler that reduces the noise created by the exhaust. The muffler is usually mounted between the catalytic converter and the resonator or tailpipe. Its purpose is to quiet or muffle the noise of the exhaust. It has a series of holes, passages, and resonance chambers in which the exhaust gas passes.

  • This damps out the noisy high-pressure surges resulting from the opening of the exhaust valves. Some exhaust systems use a smaller muffler-type resonator. Some cars use laminated exhaust pipes. A two-ply laminated pipe is one layer of pipe inside another. A three-ply laminated piper has a layer of plastic sandwiched between the two metal layers, Either pipe damps put exhaust piper ring which occurs in some exhaust systems
  • A few high-performance sports cars have a dual-mode muffler, or active exhaust system. Moving a switch on the instrument panel from tour to sport opens a valve in the muffler inlet passage. This allows exhaust gas to flow through both the muffler and a bypass pipe