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O-Ring is used in groves to provide sealing. It is a ring form made of rubber.

  • Cars and light trucks may have up to 15 O-rings or shaft seals. The seal closes or seals the space between stationary and moving parts.
  • It protects the bearings, retains the lubricants, and seals outs contaminants,. The oil seal may act as a separator the prevents two different substances from mixing
  • Most oil seals are radial lip seals, wherein a metal case holds the flexible sealing lip against the rotating shaft. Some seals have a grater spring that helps hold the lip in contact with the sealing surface. Seals of this type include the front and rear crankshaft seals and the camshaft seal on overhead camshaft engines. 
  • Front-wheel grease seals are similar to oil seals; Lip seals are used on the steering gear input shaft and the power steering pump shaft