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Oil Level Low

Oil Level Low indicates that there might be somewhere an oil loss. Regularly check the oil level.

An oil level indicator can be measured through the dipstick to determine e the crankcase oil level. The dipstick extends down into the oil. To determine the oil level, pull out the oil dipstick and see how high the oil reaches. Markings usually indicate full or add oil.

The dipstick tube seals at the top when the dipstick is in place. This prevents unfiltered air from entering the crankcase and crankcase gases from escaping.

Some vehicles have an oil level indicator light. An oil-level sensor in the oil pan connects to a check oil level light in the instrument panel Turning the ignition key to crank or start causes the sensor to determine the oil level in the pan. If the oil level is not low, the light goes out when the ignition key returns to run, If the engine needs more oil the sensor turns on the check oil level indicator.