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Oil Light

Oil Light indicates a low oil level. After starting the engine, it should turn off right after, and if the oil level is low, the light will turn on. Turn the engine off asap to avoid damage. Check the oil level and top up so that the oil level is in order. Bring the vehicle to the dealership to see if there might be leakage.

Oil Level Sensor

The oil level sensor in the oil pan connects to the check oil level light in the instrument panel, Turning the ignition key to crank or start causes the sensor to check the oil level in the pan, If the oil is not at a low level the light goes out when the ignition key return to run. If the engine needs a liter or more of oil, the sensor turns on the check oil level light.

The instrument panel of some vehicles is equipped with an oil change indicator light, The body control module (BCM) monitors the coolant temperature sensor, engine speed sensor, and vehicle speed sensor. Then the BCM is capable of calculating the remaining useful life of the oil. When the remaining useful life is zero, the BCM turns on the "change oil soon" light indicator, or for some vehicles, displayed as " routine maintenance required,