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Oil Pan

Oil Pan refers to the lowest part of the engine block. It is attached to the engine block and can be detached from the engine block. It serves as a reservoir for engine oil.

  • The Oil pan is made up of plastic or metal. It is shaped to fit on the bottom of the block. A gasket is installed between the pan and block to seal the joint and prevent oil leaks. The bottom of the block plus the oil pan forms the crankcase. They enclose or encase the crankshaft.
  • The oil pan holds from 3 to 9 quarts of oil depending on the engine. An oil pump sends oil from the oil p an to the moving engine parts. 
  • Some engines have an acoustical oil pan. Pieces of plastic damping material and stamped steel inserts are attached to the flat surfaces inside the pan. When mechanical noise from the engine vibrates the steel pan, the plastic layer prevents the noise and vibration from reaching the passengers.