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Oil Pump

Oil Pump is an engine-driven pump installed inside the oil pan to pump oil to the moving engine parts. A gear-type pump consists of a pair of meshing gears. As the gears un- mesh, the spaces between the teeth fill with oil from the pump inlet. The gears mesh and force the oil out through the use of a pump outlet.

  •  A rotor-type oil pump makes use of an inner rotor and an outer rotor, wherein the rotor is driven and drives the outer rotor. As the rotor run, the spaces between the lobes fill with oil. When the lobes of the inner rotor move and go through the spaces in the outer rotor, oil is forced out through the pump outlet. 
  • Various arrangments are used to drive the oil pump, In camshaft in-block engines, the camshaft spiral gear that drives the ignition distributor usually drives the oil pump. Some engines drive the distributor directly from the end of an overhead camshaft. The oil pump on these types of engines can be driven by a separate driveshaft