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Overdrive refers to the highest gear in the transmission. It allows the engine to operate at a lower RPM for a given road speed. It will enable the vehicle to achieve better fuel efficiency and often quieter operation on the highway.

  • It is the operation of an automobile cruising at a sustained speed with reduced engine revolutions per minute. ( RPM) which  leads to a better fuel consumption,  lower level noise and wear. When the overdrive is activated, an automatic transmission can shift into overdrive mode after a certain speed is reached. When it is deactivated, the automatic transmission is shifting in its lower gears.
  • The overdrive mode should usually selected at the average speed is above 70km/h 
  • The automatic transmission automatically shifts from overdrive to direct drive when more load is present. when less load is present,  it goes back to overdrive. 

For some driving conditions, as for example driving uphill, the transmission may search in between the overdrive mode and the next highest gear to be capable of shifting back and forth,