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Refrigerant is the chemical used in the Aircondition system of the car. It cools down the cabin if the air conditioner is activated. It is a liquid at very low temperature and becomes a vapor at low temperatures

  • Most  automotive air conditioners are containing CFC or chlorofluorocarbons, a type of refrigerant, that is commonly known as freon, refrigerant 12,or R-12; R-12 has been phased out and replaced by (HFC) Hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant called R-1344a, which is less damaging to the ozone layer
  • R-12 refrigerant and components must only be used in R-12 systems. R-134a refrigerant components must also be used in  its own system,
  • Labels in the engine compartment and R-134a Non-CFC tags on the system components indicate and  R-134a system; No markings indicate that the system is composed of R-12