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Roof Rack

Roof Racks are large metal or plastic constructions that attach to a vehicle's roof and carry cargo or bicycles. It is a set of bars mounted on the roof of the car to carry bulky items. There are several types of roof racks, namely:

  • Rain Gutter - are the older type of roof racks that were usually mounted directly to the gutter surrounding the roofline.
  • Bare Roof - many modern vehicles, which do not have gutters, can have a roof rack installed by attaching hooks to the top of the door frames.
  • Fixed Point - some automobiles have fittings for proprietary racks which mate with reinforced lugs in the roof, or have pre-threaded screwholes.
  • Side Rails - vehicles with factory-installed rails, which may be flush against the roof or raised off of the roof, running front-to-back on the roof
  • Factory Bars - other vehicles have a factory-installed permanent roof rack.