Sandpaper is a special thick paper with a rough, abrasive surface. Auto body painters sand body panels with sandpaper before painting it.

Sandpaper is also useful for removing loose paint, rust, grit, or dirt when you're painting or refinishing something.

Auto body sandpaper comes in grades from 36 grit which is the most aggressive to 2000 grit which is very smooth.

Automotive Sandpaper Grit

  • 36 grit used to remove paint down to bare metal and to do some rough shaping of your autobody filler.
  • 80 grit used for leveling the bondo and then 120 or 180 just before you put on the primer.
  • 220 grit used for painted surfaces that just need to be cleaned up you can remove chips.
  • 400 to 600 grit sandpaper just before you apply paint.
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