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Seat Belts are harnesses used to secure occupants of vehicles during collisions. 

  • Seat Belts restrain the vehicle occupants if there is an accident.
  • After entering the car, the driver and passenger each fasten a lap or lap-and-shoulder belt. The belt then helps hold that person in the seat during a collision or rollover. 
  • A passive restraint provides protection without requiring any action by the driver or passenger. Two types of passive restraints are airbags and motorized seat belts. These are front-seat shoulder belts that move into position automatically. After entering the car and closing the door, the driver turns on the ignition key. The electric motor then pulls a cable or tape connected to the belt. The belt travels along a track above the door. When a switch signals the control unit that the belt is in position., the control unit shuts off the motor. The occupants must manually fasten the lap belt.