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Sun Sensor

Sun Sensor helps create and maintain the temperature within the car. It is located at the dashboard behind the windshield, and it measures the infrared part of the direct sunlight.

  • Some vehicles have an electrically heated windshield. It melts ice and frost three to five times faster than the defroster. The system is similar to the rear window defogger, however, instead of wires, the windshield heating element is a clear conductive coating. The coating is between the interior and exterior layers of windshield glass
  • The heated windshield control module times the heating cycle. It may vary from 2 to 4 minutes before automatic turn-off occurs. The control module monitors windshield current, DC voltage, and ambient temperature. This is the the temperature of the outside surrounding air
  • Some vehicles have a solar-powered ventilation system. When the interior of a parked vehicle gets too hot, an ambient temperature sensor automatically turns on a small ventilating fan. The out put from the solar panels then powers the fan motor