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Sunroof refers to the panel on the top of the car that can be closed or opened. Sunroofs are made to provide proper ventilation to the cabin and let the light come in for enhanced ambiance.

  • Pop-up sunroofs are manually operated tilting panels, wherein these are movable and must be stored when removed. The tilting action gives a vented roof of a full opening when the panel is removed. Spoiler sunroofs combine the features of a pop-up with those of a sliding roof system. It tilts to vent and slides open above the roof. It offers the convenience of a storing panel.
  • Topmount sunroofs contain large panel slides which open in tracks on top of a roof with no loss of headroom. Panoramic sunroof systems are a variant of large or multi-panel sunroofs which offer openings above the front and rear seats and can be operable or fixed glass panels.
  • The moonroof is a transparent material usually composed of plexiglass; It is a type of sunroof that lets light while the cabin is closed.