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Superchargers are air compressors that force pressure into the cylinder to increase the engine's performance. It is belt or chain-driven. The advantage of a turbocharger is that the power output is very linear.

  • Several older automotive engines used a superchargers, but it became phased out. Most drivers complained about its noise and poor fuel economy
  • Because of the turbo lag which is common to turbocharged engines, some manufacturers are installing a supercharger instead of a turbocharger on high-performance engines. 
  • The supercharger provides an instant response when the accelerator pedal is depressed. It does not have to turn at high speed like the turbocharger.
  • Ne designs have reduced noise and improved fuel economy. Automotive manufacturers use two types of supercharger. These are called the roots type or spiral; type
  • The most common type of supercharger is the Roots supercharger which is composed of two long rotors which spin a housing
  • Another type of positive displacement air pump is scroll or spiral supercharger, which is composed of the displace drive shaft which supports and moves the displacer.