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The Suspension system is located between the axles and the vehicle body or frame. Its primary purposes are to support the weight of the vehicle, cushion bumps and holes in the road, maintain traction between the tires and the road, and maintaining the wheels in alignment

  • It allows the vehicle to travel over rough surfaces with a minimum of up and down body movement. It also allows the vehicle to corner with minimum roll or tendency to lose traction in between the tires and the road surfaces.
  • The suspension system is capable of providing a cushioning action so that road shocks will cause a minimal effect on the passengers and load of the vehicle.
  • Road shocks are the actions resulting from the tires moving up and down as they meet bumps or holes in the road.

It is composed of a system of tires, shock absorbers, springs, air tires, and linkages that connect to the vehicle's wheels that allow relative motion between the wheels. It supports the road handling, road holding, and ride quality of the vehicle. It also includes the springs and related parts that support the weight of the vehicle body on the axles and wheels, The spring and the shock absorbers are the main parts of the suspension system, The springs support the weight of the vehicle and its load and absorb road shocks. The shock absorber helps to dampen spring action. It allows the basic spring movement but quickly dampens out unwanted bouncing that follows.