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Sway Bar

Sway Bar is a part of the vehicle's suspension that includes the wheels, tires, shocks, steering system, bushing, joints, and linkages. It helps the riding handle turns and prevents the body lean while driving.

  • The front stabilizer bar or sway bar is a type of torsion bar. It is usually connected between that two lower control arms. When the vehicle moves around a curve, the body leans outward.
  • This causes the lower control arms to move in opposite directions, twisting the stabilizer bar. However, the stabilizer bar resists being twisted. This stiffens the suspension during turns so less lean out or body roll results.

Stabilizer bar action may also occur if one tire hits a bump or pothole while the other does not. A stabilizer bar has no effect while the vehicle is traveling straight ahead on a smooth surface. Many rear suspensions include a rear stabilizer bar or anti-roll barroll bar.