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Timing Chain

Timing chains are similar to timing belts, which drive the camshaft from the crankshaft. It is nearly maintenance-free.

  • Most of the drive chains use teeth to transfer motion between the chain and the rollers. This produces lower frictional losses compared to the belt drive systems, which depend only on friction for transferring motion.
  • Timing Chains are composed of metal, while other belts are made up often of rubber plastic, urethane, and other substances.
  • Often the power is output by simply rotating the chain which can be used to lift or drag objects. In some conditions, a  second gear is placed and the power is recovered by attaching shafts or hubs to this gear. Through drive chains are often simple oval loops. they can also go around corners by placing more than two gears along the chain. 
  • Gears that do not put power into the systems or transmit out are generally known as drive wheels.