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Technical Service Bulletins or TSBs is a documented procedure on how to repair vehicles. The manufacturer issues one when several unanticipated problems occur. Dealers are not required, however, to bring in cars for which TSBs have been issued. Dealers are not required to call in cars for which TSBs have been issued for repairs.

  • The Technical Service Bulletin may consist vehicle specific technicalities and step-by-step procedures, which are written by engineers and automotive mechanics.
  • It helps the technicians to save troubleshooting time, provides organize the arrangement of itemization for vehicle repair procedures, standardizes the operation workflow, and enhances quality service and maintenance because of the repair history supported by high-level diagnostic procedures.
  • It also serves as a reference among the dealership service department and technician to have the centralized knowledge for the vehicle issue

The Technical Service Bulletin is different from a recall. A recall is a compulsory vehicle repair even if the vehicle is already out of warranty because it involves the safety of the driver, however, the TSB is not required by the vehicle manufacturers since it is only detailed technical documentation with an engineering level of description for a vehicle issue and can be free of charge as long as the vehicle is still in its warranty claim period coverage.