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Water Pump

Water Pumps circulate engine coolant through the engine and radiator. Water pumps are typically centrifugal and use an impeller that generates the coolant to be thrown outside, which causes the coolant to move through the engine. A pump is mounted at the front of the engine and driven by a belt or, it can be electrical. The pump circulates coolant/antifreeze through the engine, radiator, and heater with the main purpose of cooling down the engine.

As the impeller rotates, the curved blades draw coolant from the bottom of the radiator. They force the coolant through the pump outlet to the water jackets. The impeller shaft is supported on sealed bearings that do not require lubrication. Seals prevent the coolant form leaking past the bearings. 

The water pump may also be driven by a single serpentine belt that also drivers other components. Instead of using a drive belt the water pump on some engines is gear driven from the engine crankshaft.

  • It normally requires no service, The sealed bearings cannot be lubricated, If a water pump deveops noise or leaks, replace it. To remove the water pump, drain the cooling system Detach the hoses from the pump. Remove the drive belt; Remove the attaching bolts and pull the pump straight out.