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Wiring harness

Wire Harness (Cable Harness, Wiring Harness, Cable Assembly, Wiring Assembly, or Wiring Loom) is an assembly of electrical wires or cables which transfer signals or electrical power to any part of the vehicle.

  • An automotive wiring circuit contains a source of electric energy, such as the battery and alternator. Conductors connect between the source and the other components in the circuit to provide a path for the electric current. Terminals are found at the end of the conductors eliminating the need for soldering wires and components together. A circuit protector such as a fuse, fusible link, or circuit breaker to open the circuit and stop current flow when overheating caused by excessive current begins to occur.
  • The single connector that combines one or pair terminals or multiple connectors conveniently connects and disconnects these terminals. It usually has a locking tang that helps prevent separation unless the tang is released.
  • A switch opens and closes the circuit to stop and allow current flow.
  • A load such as the starting motor or headlights converts the electric energy from the source into work
  • The ground or the return path to the source for the electric current which is usually the engine or metal chassis parts,