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Brake Fluid


Brake fluid is a chemically-inert hydraulic fluid used to transmit force and motion. It also lubricates the… Read more

Brake Fluid Reservoir

Brake Fluid Reservoir is connected to the master cylinder. It holds the fluid used for brake application. The brake master cylinder shouldn't have to be topped off unless there is a leak in… Read more

Brake Light

A Brake light or a flashing red light on the dashboard instrument… Read more

Brake Lines


Brake lines are the tubes and hoses connecting the master… Read more

Brake Pad Wear Indicator

Brake Pad Wear Indicator will show you a warning in the Read more

Brake Pads


Friction occurs when the brake pads come in contact with the Read more

Brake Shoe


Drum brakes have brake shoes installed as part of their mechanism. Brake shoes are usually crescent-shaped components with a rough friction substance attached to one side and secured to… Read more

Brake System


A Brake system is a safety feature system responsible for slowing down, stopping, and keeping the vehicle's movement.… Read more

Braking Assist


The Brake Assist is a system designed to increase the braking power or pressure applied during emergency stops. The system delivers full braking force to ensure the automobile comes to a… Read more

Branded Title


A branded title indicates that the vehicle was repaired, had its… Read more

Breaker Arm

The breaker arm, also known as the movable-point arm, is an insulated movable arm that mounts the other side of the contact point… Read more



A bushing, also known as rubber bushing, is a type of vibration isolator. It is a small rubber or polyurethane… Read more

Bypass Filter


Bypass filter contains a significant pressure Read more


C-pillar is the rearmost support situated between the B and D pillars in sedans and hatchbacks vehicles. Typically, it is the… Read more



Camber, also known as tire wear angle, refers to the inward or outward tilt of the wheel from the vertical when viewed from… Read more



A Camshaft is a shaft in the engine, which has a series of… Read more

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber, also known as graphite fiber, is a material made up of tiny, crystalline carbon filaments used for reinforcement,… Read more

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, poisonous gas that results from incomplete combustion. It forms when one… Read more



A carburetor is a device in an engine fuel system, which… Read more



Caster is the angle that the steering axis is offset from the vertical, measured from front to back. If the… Read more

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter, also known as pollution control, is the… Read more


Cold Cranking Amp is a battery rating that quantifies how much power it provides to deliver a constant amp output to start the… Read more

CD Changer

CD Changer is an in-dashboard CD player which can read compact disk… Read more

Center Differential


A Center Differential also called the interaxle differential, is a two-position differential located in the… Read more

Charcoal Canister

A charcoal canister, also known as Evaporation Read more

Charging System


The charging system restores the charge lost in the Read more



Chassis refers to a structural frame in which all… Read more

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light, a warning indicator, illuminates on the dash when an issue occurs within the vehicle's electrical or… Read more


Clearance, also known as ride height, is the shortest distance between the lower end of the vehicle's body or… Read more

Clock Spring

Clock Spring refers to a mechanical device containing wound-up wires inside. These wires keep steering wheel buttons, airbags, and horns connected during steering wheel rotations.


The clutch or clutch assembly consists of a flywheel, the clutch disc,… Read more

Clutch Pedal

Clutch Pedal is found to the left of the brake pedal. When the clutch pedal is pressed, it disengages the clutch from the flywheel.

Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake is a low restriction air filter that brings cooler air into the combustion chamber, providing more horsepower.

Collision Insurance

Collision Insurance is to cover damages caused by a collision.

Combustion Chamber

The roof over each cylinder in an engine forms a… Read more


Composite consists of two or more components, one strong component, and one binding component. The most familiar composite is fiberglass which is a glass fiber that bonds with a plastic matrix.… Read more

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance is coverage that helps you repair or replace a vehicle from damages not caused by a collision.

Compression Ratio


Compression Ratio is the difference between the volume inside a… Read more

Compression Ring

A compression ring is usually made of gray cast iron that holds blow-by to a minimum. This material wears well and at the… Read more

Compression Stroke

Compression Stroke is a phase of the engine's cycle in which the fuel-air mixture gets compressed from the bottom of the cylinder and gets pushed upward to the dead-end to ignite the mixture… Read more


Compressor, a belt or electric-driven pump, increases refrigerant pressure to cool down the cabin.


Condensers function as heat exchangers in the air conditioning system of a car. Condensers look very much like radiators, just a little thinner, and they also depend on air flowing through them.… Read more

Connecting Rod

Connection Rod is the link connecting the piston to the crankshaft.


Console refers to a space located inside the vehicles. There can be several consoles like the dashboard, in between seats, under the seats, or in the headliner.

Control Arm

Control Arm refers to a link that connects the front wheels to the vehicle.


Coolant refers to an anti-freeze/water mixture used to cool down the engine. Coolant moves heat generated by burning fuel in the engine's cylinders to the radiator, where the coolant is… Read more

Coolant Reservoir

Coolant Reservoir is where the excess coolant is stored. As the engine warms up, the fluid will move to the coolant reservoir when the engine cools down and will be drawn back in the radiator.

Cooling Fan

A Cooling Fan draws cold air inside the engine bay by pulling through the radiator. It is either mechanical, electrical, or hydraulically driven.

Cornering Lights

Cornering Lights are two amber lights located on the front corners that use aid during cornering. Also known as parking lights.

Counter Balance

Counter Balance is weight added or reduced to a rotating shaft or flywheel to balance to reduce vibration.