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Sprocket refers to a rotating toothed drive driven by a chain.

SRS Light

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) refers to the airbag system, an acronym for Supplemental Restraint System. The SRS light illuminates when the vehicle first starts. It scans the system… Read more

Stability Control

Electronic stability control (ESC), also called as Electronic Stability Program (ESP) or Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), improves vehicle stability by detecting and reducing vehicle skidding.… Read more

Stabilizer Bar

Stabilizer Bars (Roll bars, Anti-Sway Bars, Sway Bars, Anti-Roll Bars) are part of many automobile suspensions that minimize body roll when cornering fast or going over uneven roads. It connects… Read more

Steering Column Lock

Steering Column Lock refers to a lock that lets the steering wheel move unless the ignition switch moves from locked to unlock.

Steering Damper

Steering Damper is a shock absorber attached to the steering linkage intended to reduce the abrupt snap back of the steering wheel.

Steering Knuckle

Steering Knuckles are attached to suspension and steering components and hold wheel hubs or spindles. It is variously called a steering knuckle, spindle, upright, or hub as well. The wheel… Read more

Steering Rack

Steering Rack refers to the device that transfers steering wheel movement to the front wheels of an automobile.

Steering Wheel Controls

Steering Wheel Controls are the buttons mounted on the steering wheel that control sound volume, Bluetooth, entertainment, cruise control, telematics, and/or climate control systems.


Stroke is the distance of the piston travel from the dead center bottom to the top dead center.


Strut is the suspension part of the house's shock absorber and coil spring. Struts are used primarily on front-drive vehicles.


Sump refers to the space in the oil pan under the crankshaft that holds the oil like a sump.

Sun Sensor

Sun Sensor helps create and maintain the temperature within the car. It is located at the dashboard behind the windshield, and it measures the infrared part of the direct sunlight.


Sunroof refers to the panel on the top of the car that can be closed or opened. Sunroofs are made to provide proper ventilation to the cabin and let the light come in for enhanced ambiance.


Sunshade refers to a retractable device the can limit the sunlight from passing through the vehicle's windshield.


Superchargers are air compressors that force pressure into the cylinder to increase the engine's performance. It is belt or chain-driven. The advantage of a turbocharger is that the power… Read more


Suspension is a system of tires, shock absorbers, springs, air tires, and linkages that connect to the vehicle's wheels that allow relative motion between the wheels. It supports the road… Read more

Sway Bar

Sway Bar is a part of the vehicle's suspension that includes the wheels, tires, shocks, steering system, bushing, joints, and linkages. It helps the riding handle turns and prevents the body… Read more


T-top refers to a vehicle roof that can be removed. It is installed in between the A and B pillars.


Tachometer refers to an instrument that tells the driver how fast the engine is rotating, and it is indicated in RPM.

Tail lights

Tail lights refer to the housing in the rear, which includes vehicles brake lamps, lamps, reverse lights, and signal lights.

Technical Service Bulletin

Technical Service Bulletins or TSBs are document procedures for repairing vehicles issued by a vehicle manufacturer when several occurrences of an unanticipated problem occur.

Temperature Warning Light

Temperature Warning Light in the dashboard illuminates after turning on the vehicle's ignition and turns off once the engine starts up. If the light is illuminated during the operation, turn… Read more


A Thermostat is a valve installed in the engine block. It regulates the engine temperature. The thermostat allows the heating coil to heat up first to have a more comfortable cabin during cold… Read more

Throttle Body

A Throttle Body is between the air intake and the air cleaner. It contains a valve that regulates the airflow through the intake manifold.

Throttle Position Sensor

Throttle Position Sensors (TPS) monitor the air intake of an engine. The sensor is usually located on the butterfly spindle/shaft to directly monitor the position of the throttle. TPS is… Read more

Thrust Bearing

Thrust Bearing supports the axial thrust of horizontal and vertical shafts. It prevents the shaft from drifting in the axial direction and helps transfer thrust loads applied on the shaft.

Tie Rod

Tie Rod is a steering component that links the left and proper motion of the front wheels. It connects to the steering arm.

Timing Belt

Timing Belt refers to driving the camshaft from the crankshaft. It is a flexible toothed belt that detaches from driving the camshaft. It starts the water pump and requires maintenance. See the… Read more

Timing Belt Tensioner

Timing Belt Tensioner is a roller that holds the timing belt to the correct tightness. It prevents the timing belt from skipping, which could lead to engine failure.

Timing Chain

Timing chains are similar to timing belts, which drive the camshaft from the crankshaft. It is nearly maintenance-free.

Tire inflator

Tire Inflators are particular types of air compressors used for inflating tires on cars.

Tire load index

Tire Load Index is a numerical code that specifies the maximum load (mass or weight) each tire can carry.

Tire prefix

Tire Prefix is an alphabetic value assigned by the tire manufacturer to indicate its use.

Tire profile

Tire Profile is a value of the tire's height and width indicated by the vehicle's manufacturer.

Tire size

Tire Size is the displayed information on the sidewall of the tire.

Tire speed rating

Tire Speed Rating is an alphanumeric value indicated by the tire manufacturer for determining the maximum of the tire to sustain for a while.

Tire tread

Tire Tread or Track refers to the rubber on its circumference that contacts the road or the ground. As tires are used, the tread is worn off, limiting its effectiveness in providing traction. A… Read more


Toe in, or positive toeing, is when the front of the wheel points towards the vehicle's centerline.

Tonneau Cover

Tonneau Covers are hard or soft covers that span the back of a pickup truck to provide protection for the payload or improve aerodynamics.


Torque is equal to the force applied to a lever multiplied by its distance from its fulcrum and again multiplied by the sine of the angle created. Usually measured in lb.-ft and differs from work… Read more

Torque Converter

Torque Converter refers to a fluid coupling that transfers rotating power from a prime mover to a rotating driven load like an internal combustion engine. It is between the engine's flexplate… Read more

Torque Steer

Torque Steer is the unplanned influence of engine torque on the steering, especially in front-wheel-drive vehicles. During heavy acceleration, steering may pull to one side, which may be… Read more

Torque Wrench

A Torque Wrench refers to a tool for applying specific torque to a fastener such as a nut or a bolt. Usually, it takes the form of a socket wrench with internal mechanisms. It allows the operator… Read more

Torsion Bar

Torsion Bar Suspension (Torsion Spring Suspension) is a suspension that uses a torsion bar as its main weight-bearing spring. As the wheel rotates vertically, the bar twists around its axis and… Read more

Tow hooks

Tow Hooks are metal hooks attached to the vehicle's frame.

Towing capacity

Towing capacity is a measurement of how much a vehicle can tow.


Tire Pressuring Monitoring System (TPMS) is designed to check or monitor the air pressure inside the vehicle's tire.


A Traction Control System suppresses the spinning of the wheels while driving, which can occur on slippery roads during excessive acceleration. It improves the acceleration performance and the… Read more

Traction Control

Traction Control allows maximum traction under acceleration without spinning the wheels. It is implemented with an electronic limited-slip differential and other computerized controls of the… Read more