mazda 5 ac recharge directions

2010-18 Mazda 5 Air Conditioner A/C Freon R134a Recharge

Last Updated on Friday May 18, 2018

If your Mazda 5 A/C is blowing hot air, it may be due to a small leak in the A/C system. In this DIY guide, you will learn how to charge Mazda5 air conditioner system yourself using an air conditioner recharge kit.


How to change Mazda 5 A/C System

Charging the A/C system on a Mazda 5 is easy and requires about 15 minutes. Follow the instructions below to charge your Mazda5.

What you will need

Here is what you will need to charge the A/C system on your Mazda5.

DIY Instructions 

Step 1: Park and turn off ignition

Park your Mazda 5. Turn off the engine and get ready to add freon to your Mazda5 AC system.


Step 2: Open Hood

To add refrigerant you need to open the hood of your 5. The hood release is located under the dashboard of your 5.


Step 3: Locate low-pressure port

Locate the low-pressure port. This is where you add A/C refrigerant on a Mazda 5.


Step 4: Connect A/C recharge kit

Remove the cap and connect your A/C hose to the charging port. Start adding refrigerant to your Mazda 5 air conditioner system.

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Step 5: Start Engine

Start the engine and let it idle.

how to charge mazda 5 ac system

Step 6: Turn AC on

Turn A/C on and set it to max cold setting.


Step 7: Charge 5 A/C

Follow the instructions as directed on your A/C recharge kit.


Important Notes

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