2014-18  Mazda 3 Headlight Light Bulb Replacement

2014-18 Mazda 3 Headlight Light Bulb Replacement

Last Updated on Friday May 18, 2018

This video shows you how to change the low beam headlight light bulb on a third generation Mazda3. These instructions apply to Mazda3 produced in: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Mazda 3 Headlight Light Type: H11 Bulb

Instruction on how to change the low beam bulb on Mazda3

  1. Open the hood. 
  2. Located the burned out light bulb. Both the driver side and passenger side light bulbs are identical.
  3. Disconnect the electrical plug from the light bulb. 
  4. Twist the light bulb to remove it. 
  5. Install the new light bulb. Be careful to not touch the glass with your hands. 
  6. Push the electrical plug into the light bulb until you hear a click. 

Where is the low beam lamp on Mazda 3 headlight? 

The following picture shows where the low beam light bulb is located on Mazda 3 cars. 

Mazda 3 low beam high beam daylight headlight fog light location

What light bulb size to use for low beam on 2014-2018 Mazda 3? 

Mazda 3 uses Headlight Bulb Low Beam H11 on vehicles with halogen headlights. 

If the vehicle is equipped with xenon fusion headlights the low and high beam are integrated in one.