best obd2 scanner for mitsubishi

Top 3 Best OBD2 Scanner for Mitsubishi

Last Updated on Thursday Feb 15, 2018

It doesn't have to be expensive to read and clear fault codes from your Mitsubishi. You could get an OBD2 scanner, plug it into the OBD port under the dashboard, and within minutes you will know the reason why the check engine light is on.

In this article, we discuss several OBD2 diagnostic scanners that allow DIYers do in-depth troubleshooting of Mitsubishi cars. We will do a quick review of the scan tool used at Mitsubishi dealer. Note, that if you are only trying to simply clear your Check Engine (Service Engine Soon) light, all you need is a simple OBD2 scanner. There are OBD2 scanners that cost less than $25 that can read engine codes and clear them. But many Mitsubishi owner's may be looking for an OBD2 scanner that has similar capabilities as the scanner used at the dealership. 

The scanners that we include in this list can perform engine troubleshooting but can also scan the following systems:

  • ABS - Read and erase codes from your anti-lock brake system. 
  • SRS - Diagnose airbag system and clear SRS light. 
  • TCU - Troubleshoot automatic transmission on your Mitsubishi. 
  • ECU - Read, clear and display sensor data from the engine control unit. 
The scanners we have listed will at a minimum work on Lancer, Outlander, Evolution, Mirage and Galant cars. 

Mitsubishi MUT 3 Diagnostic Tool

Mitsubishi MUT III Diagnostic Scanner panasonic pc

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All the Mitsubishi dealer in the US use the Multi-Use Tester (MUT) III. It is the diagnostic tool that can access all the systems in Mitsubishi cars, trucks and SUVs. The MUT3 is manufactured by Bosch who is the OEM vendor. MUT 3 allows a technician to perform key reprogramming, in-depth diagnostic and system configuration. 

Mitsubishi MUT 3 requires a laptop and connects to the VCI module via USB cable. The VCI then connects to the OBD-2 port of any Mitsubishi. The MUT 3 cost over $5,000 and requires a subscription, you can read more about the MUT-III here

Several OBD2/CAN scanners provide in-depth troubleshooting but cost much less than MUT III. 

3. Foxwell NT630 OBD2 scanner

Foxwell Diagnosic Code Reader OBD2 scanner for Mitsubishi

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The Foxwell NT630 is a professional OBD2 scanner that will be able to scan multiple systems on your Mitsubishi such as the engine, airbag, ABS and more. With the NT630 you will be able to activate solenoids to perform testing of different units such as the ABS and EMB. Manually run the ABS motor. You can test valves and TRACS system. You can also carry a brake bleed test. 

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We like the NT630 because it is compatible with multiple Asian, Domestic and European vehicles. It is also compatible not only with OBD-II vehicles but also with OBD-1. It will work on many cars, minivans, SUVs and trucks. 


  • Can scan and clear codes related to the Check Engine Light, ECU. 
  • Read and erase ABS codes. 
  • Read and clear airbag / SRS codes. 
  • Can perform several ABS tests. 
  • Test oxygen sensor. 

2. Launch Creader - X431 CRP OBD2 Tool for Mitsubishi

abs engine airbag transmission code reader for mitsubishi

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We tested the Launch Creader and found it very easy to use and quick to retrieve the fault codes from the ECU. It is an affordable OBD diagnostic tool, and it has one main advantage over the Foxwell NT630. Besides being able to scan the ECU, ABS and SRS system, it is also able to examine the automatic transmission control unit. The Launch Creader supports multiple automobile brands as well. It provides a description of the fault problem right on the LCD. Write down the error code and do some research related to that particular fault code.  An inexpensive diagnostic tool that can save you money and headaches if you are trying to reset the service engine or clear the airbag light. 


  • Read and clear fault codes related to the engine. 
  • Read and clear transmission fault codes. 
  • Read and clear ABS fault codes. 
  • Read and clear SRS / airbags light and codes. 
  • Supports 1996 and newer vehicles. 
  • Can retrieve generic P0000 and manufacturer specific codes P1000 and U000.
  • Clear Check Engine Light
  • View freeze frame data. 
  • Check emission readiness status. 
  • Display live sensor data. 

1. Maxidiag Elite MD802 OBD2 Code Reader

mitsubishi code reader

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The MaxiDiag Elite scanner provides multisystem scan and diagnostics. There are two visions of the MD802. The 4 system scanner only diagnoses engine, ABS, SRS / Air-Bag and transmission. There is also an All System scan which besides ABS/SRS/ECU/TCU can scan the EPB, calibrate the steering wheel sensor, reset the oil service reminder and more. The MaxiDiag works on doth domestic and import vehicles. 


  • It can read and clear codes from engine, transmission, ABS and air bag. 
  • Turn off dashboard warning lights. 
  • Stream live sensor data and freeze frame. 
  • Check emission readiness status. 
  • Graphing capabilities
  • Free software upgrades, 1st year. 
  • Electronic parking brake coverage (for certain makes). 
  • Oil service reminder reset. (for certain makes).
  • TPMS coverage (for certain makes).

What's the best Mitsubishi diagnostic tool? 

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All the OBD2 scanners in this list will be able to rear, erase and diagnose the four primary systems on Mitsubishi cars. If you are looking to troubleshoot the transmission, engine, ABS brakes or SRS / airbag our ideal scanner for Mitsubishi is the Elite MD802 code reader. If you are looking for a professional level diagnostic scanner that has similar capabilities to the Mitsubishi MUT 3 Diagnostic Tool you should consider MaxiDAS DS708. It the least expensive scanner that provides in-depth troubleshooting on any system on your Mitsubishi.