Acura Battery Replacement DIY Guide

In this tutorial, you will find instructions on how to change the battery on any ACURA. These steps will help yo remove and install a new battery on Acura models such as CSX, ILX, MDX, RDX, RL, RLX, TL, TLX, TSX, ZDX.



Here is a list of the most common symptoms that your Acura battery may need to be replaced. 

  • ACURA does not start
  • The battery is dead and does not hold a charge
  • Acura engine cranks very slow in the morning
  • ACURA is completely dead, has no power or lights

What you will need

To change the battery on most 1998-2019 ACURA vehicles you will need a few basic tools such as a 10mm wrench, terminal cleaning brush, battery protector and of course a new ACURA battery.

New Battery

A new Acura battery is required to complete this task. Below is a table that shows the required battery size for various Acura cars and SUVs. It is important to verify the battery size by either looking it up on your owners manual or calling your Acura dealer. When buying Acura battery online, check fitment before purchase. 

Model Size Min. Cold Cranking
CSX Group 51R Battery 410A
ILX Group  51R Battery 410A
MDX Group 24F Battery 550A
RDX Group 24F Battery 550A
RL  Group 24 Battery 585A
RLX Group 24F Battery 550A
TL  Group 24F Battery 550A
TLX Group H6 AGM Battery 440A
TSX Group 51R Battery 430A
ZDX Group 24F Battery 550A




Turn off ignition

Remove the key from the ignition before you get started replacing the car battery on your ACURA. Acuras can be sensitive to voltage drops and by keeping the key out of the ignition you can avoid electrical problems.

In case your ACURA battery is completely dead, you will not be able to get into the car because your key fob remote will not unlock the car. Remove the metal key from the key fob. Open the driver's door with the metal key that you remove from the keyfob.

 Open Hood

Pull the hood release under the dashboard on driver's side. Next, release the hood latch at the front of your Acura.

Locate Battery

In most Acuras, the battery is located in the engine bay. Once you open the hood you will see the battery on the driver's side of the engine. On newer Acura vehicles you will need to remove the plastic cover in order to see the battery.

open trunk to access battery


acura battery location

For example, in this Acura TL the battery is located under this cover. Once you remove this cover you will see the battery underneath. 

acura tl battery location

Here is the location of the battery on a 2016 Acura TLX. 

change acura battery yourself

Disconnect Negative Battery Cable

Always disconnect the negative battery terminal first. Loosen the 10mm nut but do not remove it. Once the nut is loose pull the cable up and away from the negative battery post.

1998-2019 ACURA model Change car battery at home negative termnial


Disconnect Positive Battery Cable

Next, disconnect the positive battery terminal.


Remove Battery Bracket

Remove battery hold down bracket. Here is a close up picture of the battery bracket on an ACURA. Some Acuras use a side bracket instead of the top bracket. 

acura side battery bracket

In case your battery has a side bracket, you will need a 13mm socket and an 8" ratchet extension to remove the side bracket. 

Clean Terminals

It is important to clean battery terminals of your ACURA using a terminal brush. This will ensure that you don't have any corrosion issue in the future.

Connect Positive Cable

Reconnect battery terminals. First, you always connect the positive battery cable to the positive battery terminal.

Connect Negative Cable

acura negative battery terminal

Lastly, connect the negative terminals. Use fiber washers to prevent corrosion of the battery terminals.

Protect Battery Terminals

Spray battery terminal protector on the battery posts and clamps. A battery protector helps seal the metal surfaces. It helps reduce corrosion and improves current flow.


Start the engine

Now it is time to start your ACURA. Enter the car and start the engine as you normally would. Follow the instructions found in your owner's manual to synchronize windows, sunroof, seats and set lost radio preset stations.

ACURA model chattery chage guide instructions to do it at home